New spectacular destination at 6th October city – great Cairo is exquisitely designed with the aim of simulating a creative urban culture merged with amusement park, where a central promenade, and bustling piazzas allows visitors to move freely throughout inviting walkways, lush greens, terraces and views to enjoy top quality culinary experience and leisure activities.

6-Square is a fusion of minimalist and contemporary design with a blend of dining, shopping, Cinema, Theater, recreation and entertainment experiences of world class.


The harmony between entertainment, art and culture fairs, music festivals spread over 180 thousand Sq.m that unfolds a unique lifetime experience.

Our goal while designing was to create a fun, exciting and unforgettable experiences for our guests and their families.

Experiences that are first class provided by professionals.

The project provides out of the norm facilities and services such as dining, recreational amenities, family entertainment designed to offer a complete world class experience for our guests, and the signature project is not just a compilation of features, but a perspective to deliver fun in an entirely revolutionary fashion.

6-Square, the ultimate family destination to experience the ultimate family entertainment.




6-Square Business Park is a comprises newly constructed high specification offices in an attractive landscaped environment with substantial onsite car parking on a fully secured site.

Offering ease of access for clients and staff, also on-site amenities such as shops, cafes and restaurants to support business companies and hosting requirements.

It is one of the top Business Hubs not just through giving top notch structures that are completely innovative; however, they are embraced by nature and culture encompassing them.

The occasions, parkland setting and five-star administration all make 6-Square Business Park something more than an ordinary work environment.

Our idea 'Business and more' embodies this thought. It’s not just strictly business.

Our concept creates a brand identity that clearly projects what the 6-Square has to offer conveying the personality and community atmosphere, whilst clearly distinguishing them from the competition.





Amusement and commercial Park 


Services Provided

Urban, Architecture & Landscape design services



6 October City, Giza, Egypt