Marrioutt master plan is defined by four major distinctive elements: - the first is a beautiful natural landscape the main elements of which are  the Lake, associated with a Park, allocated at the highest point of the site; - the second is the Plaza, an urban space open towards the Lake; -the third is the  Crescent, a semicircular park connected to the Plaza by a palm trees planted Avenue; - and the fourth  is composed of two main curved  boulevards which interlink  the whole urban community of Marrioutt.


The association of these four elements creates a sequence of different and diverse “urban spaces”, the continuity of which orders and structures, as a central spine, the whole site plan. This sequence follows the natural grading and slopes of the site:  water cascades run from the top of the Lake, running through the Plaza, to the lower parts of the site.  Moreover, the boulevards and avenues crossing in the site define 10 Green Clusters; creating semi enclosed spaces which form private yet open lush green gardens.  Different in styles and architectural, each cluster will offer a variety of atmospheres residential privacy. Marrioutt is surrounded and contained by a large greenbelt and overlooks the beautiful scenic lake Marrioutt.


The intricacy between urban spaces, generous green landscape and water cascades, the amazing views overlooking lake Marrioutt offers the residents a livelihood which integrates the beauty of Nature and the urban togetherness of the City.






Services Provided

Urban Planning, Architecture & Landscape design services



Alexandria, Egypt