Since its inception in 2009, SUMIZURA has demonstrated remarkable growth. Presently, we offer a diverse array of services, all aimed at enhancing the human experience and maximizing the value of architectural and archaeological spaces. This is accomplished by aligning with our clients' vision, values, and business objectives. Hence, our portfolio encompasses five essential service modules, outlined below. Looking ahead, we are steadfast in our commitment to envisioning global expansion in the years to come.

Our Five Core Service Modules;

  • Conservation and rehabilitation of archeological sites



Archaeological sites serve as windows into our collective history, providing invaluable insights into the ancient civilizations and their ways of life. However, the passage of time, natural elements, and human activities often exact a toll on these precious remnants of the past. This article delves into the critical processes of conservation and rehabilitation, which are indispensable for safeguarding these archaeological treasures for future generations.

We are honored to have been involved in a wide range of conservation and rehabilitation projects through collaborations with esteemed international organizations like the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and others around the world. This involvement has provided us with a competitive edge and distinctive expertise, enriching our approach to designing new projects. Our design philosophy is rooted in a thorough examination of history and an understanding of the associated culture and civilization of the project location. Our team endeavors to modernize these elements for the contemporary era, aligning them with the project's vision and client's preferences. This synthesis of historical essence and modern interpretation forms the cornerstone of our design approach.

  • Master Planning and Architecture Services



We provide an extensive design service, capitalizing on the diverse expertise of our team comprising architects and designers from various nationalities, diverse backgrounds, and varying levels of experience. This diversity not only enriches our capabilities but also gives us a competitive advantage. Our proficiency extends to urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design. We have a proven track record of adeptly tailoring one-of-a-kind designs that distinctly capture the essence of our clients' vision and requirements.


  • Engineering Services



Following the approval of the conceptual design, our team enters the engineering phase, engaging in collaborative efforts to construct a robust BIM (Building Information Modeling) model covering architecture, structure, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) aspects. This results in a meticulously detailed and precisely coordinated project model. This streamlined process equips the construction team to commence onsite operations with reduced clashes or conflicts, guaranteeing an optimized project quality, timely execution, and cost-effectiveness during the implementation phase.

  • GIS & Digital Twin



Being specialized in heritage conservation, architecture, engineering design, and construction, we provide comprehensive services and solutions that seamlessly integrate these pillars with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) domains. This integration facilitates smooth data collaboration, enhances decision-making, and ultimately leads to optimized project outcomes. With our in-depth understanding of heritage, architecture, engineering, and GIS, we empower industry professionals to leverage spatial insights for projects that are not only more efficient but also environmentally sustainable. Our dedication lies in equipping Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) experts with the necessary tools and knowledge to maximize the potential of location-based data, thereby enhancing every aspect of the project lifecycle from planning to design, construction, and management. Through our specialized proficiency in AEC-GIS integration, we endeavor to create a more interconnected and informed built environment. Recognizing the substantial benefits of uniting AEC and GIS, our commitment to pioneering innovation and operational efficiency in the built environment positions us as a trusted ally for those seeking to unlock the advantages of combining spatial insights with architectural and engineering processes.

  • Decorative Lighting



As an architecture design firm offering a comprehensive lighting design service, we prioritize achieving a delicate balance between form and function. While aesthetics are paramount, it's equally important to ensure that the lighting solution meets the practical needs of the space. Factors such as the type of activity, desired ambiance, and the layout of the area all play a crucial role in influencing the choice of fixtures and their placement. Our portfolio proudly showcases magnificent decorative lighting elements in prestigious projects, including hotels, private palaces, mosques, and museums.

Decorative lighting serves as the jewel of a well-designed space, enhancing its beauty and fostering a harmonious environment. It enables the manipulation of light and shadow, introducing depth, texture, and drama to a room. When meticulously integrated, decorative lighting has the power to evoke specific moods; whether it's the warm and inviting glow of a pendant lamp over a dining table or the commanding presence of a chandelier in a grand foyer.